Shane Bacon's Favourite Courses

shane bacon

In recent years, the golf media landscape has changed beyond all recognition. A new generation of fans has been introduced to the game through new channels, and Shane Bacon has played a big role in that.

His Clubhouse podcast is one of the best listens out there. He is insightful and happy to give strong opinions, while clearly also having the respect of the raft of top players he hosts. This week he will, once again, be behind the microphone presenting coverage of the US Open on Fox.

Shane always talks from a position of knowledge. He has wide experience in the world of golf - from caddying on the LPGA Tour to interviewing all of the world’s leading players. He even made it all the way to Sectional qualifying for this year’s US Open.

I’m delighted that Shane has shared his favourite courses here. It is a great list that covers the world!

The Old Course has a special place in my heart for a number of reasons (I caddied there for a summer), it’s the most pure golf experience in the world.
UK Golf Guy Review

Of all the courses in Scotland, Brora is the one I most look forward to returning to.
Brora Golf Club, National Club Golfer

It’s three golf courses in one, and the most anticipated walk in all of golf when you leave 14 and head across 17-mile to 15, 16 and 17.
Graylyn Loomis, Golf Digest, Playing the Top 100

The debate for best golf course at Bandon is the most fun, post-round pint conversation in the game, and for me the original is the one I most look forward to playing. What an unreal back nine.
Graylyn Loomis, Plugged-in Golf, Golf Advisor

Courses can let one down at times. Royal Melbourne will never, ever have that problem.
UK Golf Guy Review, No Laying Up Tourist Sauce, Shackelford Golf Channel Analysis

It would be disingenuous to have a list of 10 private golf courses when places like Audubon park in New Orleans exist. My favorite course in my favorite city in America.
Aubudon Park website, YouTube drone footage

A place where time stands still on a golf course that remains one of the true hidden gems of an American architecture legend., Playing the Top 100

How can you not include a golf course that requires a car to a ferry to a taxi to another boat? A stretch of golf that cannot be touched by another course in the US.
Fishers Island Club,  Youtube video by air

I’ve always wondered what it must feel like to be the richest billionaire in a room full of billionaires. I bet it feels a lot like NGLA does on Long Island. 
UK Golf Guy Review, NGLA website, 1968 Sports Illustrated Article

I stand by the fact that Pebble remains one of the most underrated courses in America. The first hole is a perfect starting off point. The holes away from the ocean (like 12) are fantastic designs with just enough trouble to throw off even the best in the world. And the finish ... that turn back to 17 and 18. What a venue. 
UK Golf Guy Review, Monterey Herald History, Youtube - Tiger Wood 2000

Thanks a lot Shane, you can see the favourite course choices from some other names in modern golf here.