East of Madagascar is the island of Mauritius. It's not a big island, some 60km north to south and 50km east to west. However this is an island with a significant tourist industry and the largely benign climate lends itself to golf, with over a dozen courses on the island.

Many of the courses are based around hotels. Alas this page is curtailed to just one review as a cyclone passing by halted my opportunities to play!  Cyclones are pretty rare though! The Ile aux Cerfs course is one of the most photographed in the world but the Anahita course at the Four Seasons is probably the best on the island now.

If you want to be sure of getting a game in, then the cooler and drier months are from June to September, although the warmer, humid, season of November to April shouldn't prohibit play. Unless you're unlucky with a cyclone!