Jim Herman's Favourite Golf Courses

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been really delighted with the response to my posts about people’s favourite golf courses. In that time, a few notable figures in the world of golf have reached out to me to share their lists. Many thanks to Jim Herman for sending me his.

Jim is Cincinnati born and bred and reached the PGA Tour via an assistant pro role at Trump National Bedminster and the web.com tour. His career highlight, so far, has been his 2016 win at the Shell Houston Open.

Jim really loves the game and has an interest in playing the world’s greatest courses, not just those that the pros play week-in and week-out. You can hear his love for great courses come through on these podcasts from The Fried Egg and the Scottish Golf Podcast and you can follow him on twitter @gohermie. Over to Jim:

These are the courses that I enjoy playing the most, not the ones I necessarily think are “the best”. I don’t consider myself an expert, but more of a consumer of golf courses. If I read about a course that looks interesting, or see a picture of something that catches my eye, I try to go see it. It could be anything from a Palm Beach par 3 with my wife, to the latest Coore and Crenshaw.

I’m very fortunate to have played lots of Midwest courses when I grew up, then all the great New York and New Jersey courses while I was a club pro, and now I’ve had 13 years of touring golf all over the world. If I’m in the UK it’s normally sweater weather, and I’ll be walking with a push cart down the fairway with my friends and, the chances are, I’m loving it!

I just love everything about golf. I always have, and I guess I always will. So far I’ve probably played about half of the world’s special courses, and I hope to eventually get to every last one.

Merion has the best mix of holes on such an intimate property. Great history, and most important the membership bends over backwards to make you feel comfortable.
NY Times, Philly.com

My favorite courses are much much harder than a typical amateur’s favorites. But I believe there is ‘good hard’ and ‘bad hard’, and Carnoustie is my first choice for good hard!
UK Golf Guy Review, Scottish Golf History, Planet Golf

My favorite stop on tour. I laugh when people say it’s an average course if you take away 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17 & 18.
UK Golf Guy Review, Monterey Herald History, Youtube - Tiger Wood 2000

My first exposure to what a great golf course was. The best value in golf is the 36 hole Am qualifier at Camargo. Every high school golfer in Cincinnati should be caddying there.
Top 100 Golf Courses, Top 100 Blogspot

This is my hidden gem, or at least I don’t hear it talked about. I’ve played it a few times and think it deserves more praise.
Omaha Country Club, Golf Course Gurus

A little of Merion to it. Course unfolds in parts. But it’s all good. I wish I could’ve seen the holes down by the water.
Formby Golf Course, National Club Golfer

Another example of ‘good hard’. It’s not perfectly presented right now, but for the rounds of play it gets, and being open to all, its a heck of a deal.
Top 100 Golf Courses, Golf World Youtube Video

I know, I know, I used to be on the payroll. Ignore the politics, ignore everything. What’s on the ground today is a legit good golf course.
Trump National Bedminster, Phil Sokol

I haven’t played Royal Melbourne yet, so I’ll go with this as my favorite Sandbelt. Hard to go wrong in that neighborhood. (Hoping to see more of Oz next year if anybody wants to host!).
Victoria Golf Club, Geoff Shackelford

I’ll call it a tie between Prestwick and Troon. They are the best 36 hole day in golf. Some will say Shinny and National, and those are great as well. But I’d be happy all day, everyday trying to plot my way around Ayrshire
Golf Club Atlas feature, Planet Golf Prestwick, Planet Golf Troon, UK Golf Guy Troon Review